Coat of Arms of the See of Maasin

The honor point of field azure is charged with a palm vert debruised by a fleur-de-lis surmounted by twelve stars and supported by a crescent argent. The nombril point of field or is charged with a Latin cross surmounted mounts vert from which flows a river azure bearing stripes argent.

The Coat-of-Arms of the See of Maasin has two portions.

The chief part stands for the Lady of Assumption, Patroness of the Diocese. On the blue field, the Marian color and shade of nobility, is a fleur-de-lis crowned with twelve stars and supported by a crescent moon – the representation traditionally attributed to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The palm branch relates to the Assumption. A legend was told of a palm branch that was given to the Blessed Virgin by an angel during her assumption and in turn was given to St. John.

The base part embodies the territorial uniqueness of the Diocese. The mountainous terrain stands for the historic island of Limasawa. The cross that tops its summit commemorates the dawning of faith as it refers to the cross that the Spanish missionaries erected on the island as a monument of the first mass in the archipelago. The river with white strips speaks of the nominal origin of the place – Maasin. According to a tale, the place received its name from a prominent river with a salty (maasin) quality of water. The color of wisdom that alludes to the significance of salt is represented by the golden field. The white strips signifying the presence of salt in the water alludes to the presence of Christ in the world.

November 2014